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Alternative Bingo Nights in London


If bingo is to survive in the modern age, it has to go through some changes. Online bingo sites have given it a new surge, but what can bingo off the computer do to survive? In London there are a variety of options that are popping up that show a positive future for the popular pastime.

Add Music to the Mix

To add more interest to the game of bingo, why do the customers only have to listen to the caller as they read out the numbers? One thing that can be added to make things interesting is music, and use the song names instead of the more usual numbers. This has been done at Concrete and has proven to be a success.

Make Things Indie

Another venue mixing things up is the Tooting Tram and social, which is a nightspot near Tooting Broadway Station. Monthly they hold Indie Bingo nights which are a variation on the music bingo, but the music is more of an Indie variety. Drink vouchers and cash jackpots are offered to liven things up.

Big Bingo Show

Following the theme of music, the Big Bingo Show in Vauxhall bring a bingo-cabaret show to the city of London. These feature sing-alongs, guests and other surprises to liven things up. With some interesting performers putting on shows you can always expect a lively night, which makes the bingo very interesting.

What these events in London show is that Bingo can be livened up to offer something different. There are still plenty of traditional Bingo Halls out there that offer a more vanilla variety of the game, and there are plenty of options online to play the game. If Bingo is to remain strong off the computer, and survive in the technological world, it has to offer something different much like these shows.