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‘Alright’: Supergrass vs. Cast

Having recently noticed that there are a lot of overlapping song titles shared by some of the best British bands, I thought it might be an interesting experiment to see which is the preferred version for each song. We’ll start with an easy one, alright? In fact, we’ll start off with ‘Alright,’ two of the most popular Britpop songs from the 1990s, by Supergrass and Cast, respectively. Listen and cast your votes:

I’m afraid Supergrass’ infectiously cheesy video will tip some of you over into choosing them as the best. The youthful exuberance of ‘Alright’ defined our era, and it still takes you back to the heady days of Britpop with every listen. This song hails from their debut album, I Should Coco, and it was released as a double a-side single with ‘Time’ (which we’ll later revisit).

A defiant bit of melancholia with pop sensibilities! This song started life with the La’s. They recorded it for a radio session, and the song was played live a handful of times (check out the La’s boxset, Callin’ All, for two versions). When the La’s bassist, John Power, left the group in 1991, he took his songs with him to Cast, formed the following year. ‘Alright’ was popped up a bit from its original demo, and their first hit was born. It later opened their album, All Change.

So, which is it? Which band really is ‘Alright’?

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