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Album Review – Noel Gallagher’s HFB (You’ve already listened to this album)

The Whole reason you might read something like is to determine if there are others who believe you should either buy or not buy an album.

Verdict: Buy

You’ve probably already bought this album if you’re the person who is visiting the sight so do I really need to write this? Well, I think it’s pertinent we go back and listen to this puppy all the way through again with a keen eye to see if we really still believe what we did at the start. Which was: awesome.

Noel once mentioned that he had the backup singer sometime songwriter part down in Oasis and I tend to agree there. He gracefully backed off what he didn’t need to control and let the other pieces move. I wasn’t hesitant towards his solo taking the controls again venture and approached this album with a lot of interest. What I’ve come to find is this album is full of gem’s that really grow on you. He incorporates all his hooks and moments we’ve come to enjoy with the Elder Gallagher’s style.

The funny thing about this album is that it has a real knack of being anthemic without itself being anthemic. There are no tunes like Lyla, or Some Might Say here. You won’t find “chart toppers”. I would say do you really need to? Does that even matter anymore in this digital age? Do people really rush out to cd stores (ha) or their computers to download the album that is #1 on the charts. I’m not so sure I’m that type of consumer who does and furthermore if Noel attracts that type anyways.

As long time fans we’ve been privy to the changes of Mr. Gallagher’s writing capabilities. He does seem to write songs that tend to be alike in their nature but be just enough different. They contain these little elements that Noel always seems to tack on to song which send it over the top. “away away, away” on “if I had a gun”. The part after ‘Dream on’ the wooo oooooo or later on the same song the la’s part. Or, anything on stranded on the wrong beach. And as always the man has a fucking expert ability to make any guitar sound magical.

If there was one small knock on an otherwise great album it’s something the cd add-on tried to addressed and it’s lack of “live band sounding”. Noel had to re-record other members parts because it didn’t sound like a live band. I tend to agree that is still does. “AKA what a life” suffers through this drum machine syndrome. The same for “if I had a gun”. Though to be honest I believe that is kind of standard fare for songs that have chart value with Noel. He tends to let the song’s lyrics and melodies stick out. This is all to illustrate the small knock. I feel as if Noel would be better suited to having an actual band much like Ryan Adams had with the Cardinals. Sure it’s solo, but it’s also a band. Maybe the current guys will morph into that for Noel, but right now they’re not quite there in my book.

To end this I’d like to say if you’re searching for a new era of Oasis or Noel this is not your album. If you’re thinking this is some return to form I don’t think it’s your album either. If you like comparison’s thinking Ian Brown’s Unfinished Monkey Business, Nick Drake’s Five Leaves Left, or Graham Coxon’s Sky Is too high would be great musical comparisons. They’re All quality first “solo” albums that share elements that make this album so great. So there you have it. It ranks amongst it’s peers and is more Noel. Go buy it.

You cab buy Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds Here.