Pretty Green


0Jamie Blanchard: Jamie created in April of 2012 after having previously been an editor for NBC Sports. Jamie also writes for Patch, a website on the Huffington post networks. In addition to writing he crafted social media campaigns at NBC for the Tour De France, NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs, G4TV’s X-Play show and INDYCAR. Jamie currently runs Village Green Media, a one man digital agency.



1ea8500 Jessica Blanchard: Jessica was a writer for Hipster Bookclub before it shut down, and also a former newpaper editor for the Phoenixville Phoenix. She has been updating various blogs and websites for brands such as Hay Group and excellerx for over 10 years. She puts up with Jamie’s scotch fueled rants about how Oasis wasted so many b-sides in the 90’s needlessly see: a full time job.




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