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Britpopnews is a website devoted to the Britpop music scene of the 1990’s. In addition to those stories there are occasionally stories about the other British rock music scenes such as Shoegaze, Mod, punk rock as well as fashion stories. While the site title is “news”, and it’s polished looking there is no such devotion to the tail chasing nature of it, or even being beholden to some corporate entity. We’re not a blog, but we’re also not the guardian either.

So who is behind all this? The website was founded in April 2012 as a one man site offering by Jamie Blanchard, a former digital sports editor for NBC Sports, and is part of the Village Green Media network of sites. Since then Britpopnews has grown into a collection of print and digital editors manning the helm with a set of multiple contributors bringing many stories to the site. There is a robust Social Media strategy in place and you can find links to news items or accounts below:

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