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About 90s Dudes Domination in Festival and Awards

Last summer when big cities all over the world were packed with festivals, if you noticed almost all healiners’ slots were taken by 90s giants. It was no coincidence, some of those big names were on (either reunion or new-album) tour. Blur, Paul McCartney, The Stone Roses, My Bloody Valentine & Primal Scream are some examples easily found on the flyers.

Foals’ frontman Yannis Philippakis commented on this as he spoke to the Daily Star “There’s a big problem with old bands who always occupy the top slots at festivals. More heritage names reform every year, which only makes it worse. It really limits bands of our generation. We don’t get a fair chance to headline, because the slots are reserved for the same old names.” Just at the time Foals headlined Suffolk’s Latitude Festival last July. He added “You get people in their late 30s going to festivals, in their dungarees with a couple of kids, wanting to relive their adolescence, pretending they’re baggy again by watching The Stone Roses.” For a while this has been misunderstood and drawn attention from some 90s kids with various reactions, of which then Yannis clarified to the Guardian that he actually really like The Stone Roses.

Those living in Britpop era may seen this as good season, some might feel being born in the right era, because when big reunions arose, they’re just in the right age of being financially prepared yet still in fit condition to enjoy it. But not all 90s kids are aware of new music, this maybe is what Yannis meant to portray; giving the same chances to new generation to headline big festivals even if you’re not Arctic Monkeys or Arcade Fire.

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It’s now October, summer festivals were long gone, shifted to end-of-year awarding season. A couple of days ago Q Awards was announced. Found Happy Mondays, Suede and Manic Street Preachers won some of its categories, while David Bowie dominated with six nominations. Will awards give the same chances to old and new generation? It’s not a bad idea seeing Bowie competing with Jake Bugg. And what interesting here is seeing Foals and The Stone Roses being in the same category, along with Muse and Arctic Monkeys. Now that’s what the so called statement; Foals won over The Stone Roses as Best Live Act 2013 and made past argument even. Proven that headlining festivals or winning awards, is not about supremacy. (Thakis)


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