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A Lyrical Translation Of The Song Govinda By Kula Shaker:

Are you a Kula Shaker fan? Chances are that if you are one then you probably like Govinda. Having listened to this album for the better part of almost 20 years the fact remains I have no idea what the song is about or even the lyrics. So,  here are the lyrics to the song Govinda by Kula Shaker. Have fun singing along now!

Govinda Jaya Jaya
Gopala Jaya Jaya
Govinda Jaya Jaya
Nrsingadeva Jaya Nrsingadeva (twice) (repeat verse)
Gaura Gaura Gaura Hari
Gaura Hari

But what does it mean? I was on songmeanings and found this answer which seems legit…

My knowledge of Sanskrit and Hindism’s pretty limited, but I think I’ve sussed out Govinda with the help of “…” and “
Govinda Jaya Jaya Gopala Jaya Jaya 

= All glories to Govinda (the Supreme Lord) All glories to Gopala (the Supreme Lord as a boy tending a herd of cows)

Radha Ramana Hari Govinda Jaya Jaya

= All glories to Radha Ramana (Lord krishna who takes away all material attatchments of devotees)

Nrsingadeva Jaya Nrsingadeva Gaura Gaura Gaura Hari

= All glories to Nrsingadeva (Krishna when he adopts a lion’s head and a human’s body to protect devotes from demons) and all glories to Gaura Hari (The Golden Supreme – Krishna when he appeared near Bombay in the sixteenth century as Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabu)

Gaura Hari Prabhupta Govinda

=The Golden Supreme, The Hare Krishna Movement, The Supreme Lord.

Sanskrit’s a fascinating language. One word can often have several different meanings which can make translation tricky. Some of the sages took advantage of these double (or quintuple :-}) meanings to make their scriptures work on several levels simultaneously.

Just to make things even more interesting, many Hindus believe in one universal force which can manifest itself as several different Gods simultaneously. Govinda, Gopola, Nrsingdeva (along with all he protects us from) and Gaura Hari are all different aspects of the same thing. “


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