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A Quick Look Back At 6 Great Britpop Singles From 1994


I just wrote it but to save the inevitable “WHERE IS “X” SONG” comments understand this is one song per band because it would be an otherwise boring list of songs. That out of the way; we all know the Britpop scene started in 1993 and in 94 things really started to get moving. We had this period of time where a clutch of bands released solid material. You know it’s going to be a good year if you can snag 7 albums and boy 1993 was a great year. Even though each band didn’t really write songs towards being a “britpop” band (apart from maybe Blur) they all had some kind of connection in sound: generally positive and upbeat lyrics, solid grooves, and wicked guitar sounds that you really hadn’t heard before. At least in this combination. So here goes nothing….

Charlatans – Cant get out of bed

Gone is any semblence of “post-shoegaze” or Madchester and in it’s place is what the Charlatans really excelled at doing – a solid groove underneath a rocking guitar with …interesting vocals. Can’t get out of bed is a lazy track by most accounts as far as the tempo goes, but the swagger of the video and general attitude of the song’s lyrics lend to that mid 90’s feeling we all had in that Tim Burgess kind of way.

Suede – Stay Together

Brett Anderson says this is his least favorite Suede single (and video). I could not disagree more. Utilizing Brett signature double vocal track (with one falsetto) the chorus is immensely memorable. I bet you could put together everyone who reads this site and I could randomly blurt that melody out and everyone would instantly know it. The slick, slender, and Moody glam feeling that Suede so expertly executes oozes out of the speakers atop Bernard Butlers guitar. Add in a huge bend on guitar during that chorus and it sends it over the cliff towards amazeballs in my book. The video is fairly lazy though – but I’ve seen far worse.

Blur – Parklife

The. Best. Song. Period.


Oasis – Live Forever

The 3rd beat in Tony Mccarroll’s catalog.  I trash on Tony but the beat works, and I can’t imagine it not being in the song the way it is. It’s so simple yet it fits. However the song is not about his simple drums that never changes, it’s about Liam’s vocals, Noel’s riveting solo, and lyrical prowess. Oasis had their own brand of music that rode less along a Kinks descendant sound instead preferring a quite loud and boisterous one. Kind of like the boys.

Pulp – Do you remember the first time

I could be wrong here but as far as my memory serves this was the first “official” charting single from Pulp. (edit: I was proven wrong, they had many singles but the first to chart was razzamatazz).  I’m not really sure exactly what to about this song’s legacy today other than that the guitar part leading into the chorus is the greatest part of the song. The content should be fairly obvious given the title too. It’s not the greatest Pulp song, but it’s a fantastic song in my book.

Primal Scream – Rocks

I actually didn’t know this was released in 1994. I thought it came out later. A fairly large departure from the Screamadelica and more into some Stones-eque rock this is a career defining song for Primal Scream. I can’t say much for the rest of the album, especially when held up against Screamadelica, but uou have to hand it to Bobby and crew, the guys seem to keep on kicking out some stellar songs every time they change direction in music.