Pretty Green

5 Non Britpop American Bands You Might Like

1. Explosions in the sky

Chances are you’ve heard of these guys. Their music has played on countless soundtracks, in commercials, and also theme songs. They recently put out a new record  and one of my favorites on Take Care, Take Care, Take Care is called “Last known surroundings”. You can listen to it below. To give you an idea of their sound..image if The Stone Roses were american and only made songs like the “I am the resurrection” outro.

In addition to all that above I used to work for a television channel called VERSUS. As a promo we made an inspirational video called “underdog” which used explosions in the sky in the commercial. It’s the best and I highly suggest watching it. I used to watch it all the time before starting work when I was feeling slightly down about doing work (see: everyday). The song in the video is called “First Breath After Coma” on the The Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place album by the way. Video below.

2. Real Estate

Imagine Belle and Sebastian if they turned their amps up past 2. Like I allude to they are a tweeish sounding band that might sound more like the shins than they care to admit. A lot of songs carry that jangle pop rock sound carried with lots of Reverb. They’ve had two records, but Days found here is the more well known and liked one. Here’s “Green Isles” from the previously mentioned album.

3. American Analog Set

A band known as “Amanset”. They fall into a few sounds but they’re mostly lo-fi american but with pretty guitars and hushed vocals. Everyone in the band is a fan of that british-janglepop sound that made Britpop and the influences show in spots. Their best album is Know By Heart found here. This song Punk As Fuck is their most well known and best.

4. Ryan Adams

Another act you most likely know already from the song “new york, new york” that was massive after 9/11. Ryan Adams was a huge Smiths/Morrissey fan and maintains a lot of song structures and chord progressions as said band. It’s more americana than “Amanset” and definitely into that country vibe so you might not like it at times. Gold found here which contains
new york, new york”, or Rock N Roll found here are the two albums you’ll want to focus in on.

5. Wild Nothing

A one man band kind of like Graham Coxon and containing not as varied of a style. More twee sounding than Real Estate, but more Shoegaze than them too. Jack Tatum’s first album is Gemini found here and more worthwhile to check out than his second album. The song you’ll want to most check out is Chinatown below.