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5 Great Noel Gallagher Only Songs

We’re all familiar with Liam sung Oasis songs and obviously Noel is in many cases the man behind the curtain. For example the entire “Standing on the shoulder of giants” album  was demo’d in near total completion minus Liam’s vocals. So here are 5 (only?) sung Noel Gallagher songs.

Don’t Look Back In Anger

Obviously the most well known song worldwide this piano driven song (though not live) was the first proper introduction to Noel on a single.


Sad Song

Up until the digital age you knew about this song if you own a vinyl copy, japanese import album, or managed to own the live by the sea dvd/vhs . A good song by all accounts though it’s inclusion on Definintly Maybe was not necessary.

The Master Plan

The monster song that the king even admits regretting not putting it out there on a proper album. Beautifully played on the There and Then video this song is Noel at his absolute creative peak. Though with Noel there is no real tail off, just “less great”.

Talk Tonight

The famous band breakup song where the story goes that Noel sat next to someone on a plane on the way back from having left the band and this woman talked him out of it. Truthful or not this is Noel edging his way closer to the front/side of the band. Fan favorite all around and during the Noel acoustic sets during the Morning Glory tour this was an absolute thrill.

The Importance of being idle

Another single and another “hit” though not as global as ‘Dont look back in anger”. Noel describes the song as a mix between the La’s and The Kinks and to say that is 100% accurate would be true on my part. Oasis has always been popular but there was a period in the middle of that post britpop backlash when they werent. This song, along with Lyla, made Oasis accessible again to the masses.