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5 Charlatans Songs You Should Listen To

The Charlatans (also known stateside as The Charlatans UK due to legal issues) have had quite a prolific career. They seemed to outlast everyone. Maybe that speaks to the brighter the flame the quicker one burns out, or maybe it doesn’t mean anything at all. The Charlies seems to survive Madchester, Britpop, Post Britpop and shit, even Napster>Kazaa>Pirate Bay. Up until Jon’s tragic passing the Charlatans kept on going. Personally I think they should just let things lie for a long while. They’ve made a lot of music, and much of it good but sometimes things go sideways. With that said I’m going to focus on the earlier albums skipping over the big albums of Some Friendly and Tellin’ Stories. There are many songs to choose from both in b-side form and album tracks not even mentioning singles (though one does appear here). I hope you like them as much as I do. What other songs do you like by the Charlatans?


1. No Fiction

2. Toothache

3. Chewing Gum Weekend

4. Never Want An Easy Life If Me And He Were Ever To Get There

5. Come In Number 21