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4 Great Album Track 1’s

Many bands stew on their opening track to an album. It’s your opening salvo, and you needed to get it right. On one end of the spectrum other bands just do a spewing of tracks hoping you’ll have heard something on the radio, but to some it’s a real art. Here are 4 bands that nailed it.

I wanna be adored – Stone Roses

From the brooding opening noises to when the bass kicks in to the drums and guitar this is the track one I measure all other track one’s against. Simple yet deep lyrically, an effective bass line that hardly switches up, and one of the most memorable guitar lines sung loudly by fans, this song completely destroys. If there’s an elevator pitch for why you should like the Stone Roses album – it’s this song.

Seagull – Ride

Sure it’s the taxmanesque bassline but that opening screech of feedback is your ultimate welcome to early Ride.
Soaring vocals, huge high pitched guitar tones and an absolutely thundering mountain of drums it set the mark for what you were about to hear on the Nowhere album.

A New Decade – The Verve

You go from the opening reverb laden song of Starsail on Storm in Heaven to this. Lyrically Richard bears it all. Nick Mccabe’s guitar prowess and ability to weave intricate amounts of feedback, noise, beautiful runs, and lead melodies is present and accounted for here. The only thing you might say missing is the Simon Jones bass which does appear to be low in the mix, but he was the glue holding this track together.

Beetlebum – Blur

Love it or hate it this song was here to say: “yeah, we’re not doing that britpop thing anymore”. I hate that term “americanized” that’s used to describe this album but I guess we do because it’s easy journalism. Crunchy guitar, downtrodden lyrics and a straight forward beat are all elements later used on the album (and subsequent albums).

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