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3 Rainy Day Smiths Songs

Here comes that rainy day feeling again. Morrissey’s sumptuously sorrowful voice is the warm caress one needs on such a sodden day. Here are three Smiths tracks that will perfectly soundtrack a rainy day (or any day you wish were rainy).

‘William, It Was Really Nothing’

A hard downpour is the backdrop for this song about life in a northern town set to the key of desolation and loneliness.

‘The Queen Is Dead’

Perhaps the greatest disappointment of all: when the rain flattens your perfect quiff. Lesson: wear a rain bonnet.

‘Well I Wonder’

Morrissey’s heart-wrenching plea to an unrequited love fades into a burst of drenching rain in its outro. Johnny Marr’s melancholy, yet ever jangly guitar blends with the staccato rain to produce guaranteed goosebumps.

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