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3 Great Ian Brown Solo Songs

Say what you will about Ian Brown’s voice or vocal capabilities the man does know how to craft a tune. He was extremely prolific in his solo career producing 6 albums and 18 singles in just over a 10 year span.


1. Golden gaze

At the start of his quasi dance rock eletronic path was this song. While still encorporating guitar it was less about that as a feature rather with ultra synthd out keyboards, swirling atmospheric sounds and inder’s “indian” rhythms the song took Ian’s career in a new and interesting direction.

2. Keep What Ya got

For this writer, just about anything with Noel Gallagher on the track means it will somehow become “amazing”. Add in Ian as the singer and you’ve got a recipe for perfection. With it’s lazy but somehow upbeat tempo, brooding Piano, and soaring chorus it does seem more fitting to be a Ian Brown (or stone roses) song. Surprisingly this song did not hit #1.

3. Corpses In The Mouths

Corpses was the second single from the first album “Unfinished Monkey Business” and happened to be co-written with Aziz Ibrahim. Aziz was the fill in guitarist for the final shows The Stone Roses did. I don’t really count him as a member, but I guess you could say he was.