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3 Days To Be Adored Forever: Final Day (A Fan-Made Video of The Stone Roses)

Previously I have posted “3 Days To Be Adored Forever” note. Now here is the video that we have recorded at the last day of The Stone Roses in Grand Hyatt Hotel Jakarta.
Me and a couple of my mates went to talk to the Roses at the hotel a day after the gig.
Some footage of Ian Brown wandering around the hotel, Mani checking-out and the last signing-session before they left to the airport.
The video is ended by slide-show of some photos taken at the airport, The Stone Roses live in Jakarta concert and the hotel. Check it out, who knows that you are in frame.
Enjoy these 12 minutes of rare moments (and lots of our faces!) inside.
What a bunch of lucky rabbits we are! 🙂 (Ditha Thakis)

3 Days To Be Adored Forever (The Stone Roses Jakarta Farewell) Video

PS: Thanks to @inabritpop for the awesome video.


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