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There’s something about British style isn’t there? It’s renowned throughout the world. Streets have become iconic. Buildings synonymous. And of course it’s created some iconic figures.
There’s of course the Beatles with their mop tops and four-buttoned suits. Twiggy with her mini-skirt. Bowie with his loud, gender-bending outfits. And after a lull in awful 2000s fashion, midway through this decade we finally have some British icons to look up to, and let’s face it, copy.
We take a look at 2015’s most stylish men, and some items that will have us looking King of the King’s Road.
Alex Turner

Of course we’ll start with Alex Turner and the closest band we have to the phenomenon of the Beatles without kicking yourself backwards through Topman and calling yourself One Direction.
The R U Mine man has emerged as a fashion icon over the last few years after going away to America and ditching the straight-leg jeans and the mop-top haircut. Even the Sheff accent is making a turn. Walk down the street today and you’ll likely see a pair of loafers, leather jackets, and a few widow’s peaks. And let’s face it, that’s because he’s cool.
Miles Kane

Next up is Turner’s buddy and perhaps the only man right now that can give Weller a run for his money in the wardrobe department (FYI, Weller doesn’t make the list because it just wouldn’t be fair on the others).
Never caught without a sharp suit, most often designed by friend Adrien Sauvage, the 2000s mod can pull off almost anything and matches that with an array of stunning boots and loafers. Topped off with classic accessories such as neck chains and mens Michael Kors watches, it’s no wonder he’s a regular in the fashion magazines. Oh, and his music isn’t bad either.
Bill Nighy

At the age of 65 you’d forgive a man for starting to head out in public swapping style for comfort. After all Mick Jagger has been sporting what look like Sketchers for the past few years. But not Bill Nighy, and that’s why he’s probably the coolest pensioner on the planet.
The Love Actually star once said, “If you ever see me in a social setting wearing any sort of sportswear, then you know I’m in crisis.”
That day has yet to come, and you’ll often see the British icon sharp-suited on the red carpet, long tailored overcoats, and silk scarves. He refuses to wear black, always preferring midnight blue. Take note.
Idris Elba

When a man is linked to the role of James Bond, you know he’s cool. Like Connery and Moore before him, Idris Elba is one of Britain’s most stylish actors.
The Luther star is forever looking cool, whether it be on our screens or by the DJ booth where he’s a regular too. The 42-year-old looks just as good in a suit as he does in casual wear, styling himself as almost a modern day James Dean. We wish we were like you Idris.