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A Songapalooza Of New Damon Albarn Tunes

A Songapalooza Of New Damon Albarn Tunes

We still have to wait a whole month until the release of Damon Albarn’s first solo album, Everyday Robots (out April 28). Luckily for the impatient of us, songs have continued to trickle out, and here is the latest round-up of leaks, both of studio and live variety. Studio versions of two songs from the […]

Robbie Williams Keeps on Touring And Touring And Touring

Robbie Williams. Do you love him, or hate him? Obviously his dust up with the good folks we follow and was covered rather extensivly. I also poked some fun at him because lets be serious, we all need to laugh at ourselves sometimes. Sure some would rank him as a throwaway pop star making forgettable […]

Shoegaze in a New Decade: Juleah does Spacemen 3, reinvents Carter Family classic

A couple of days ago, independent artist and all-’round amazing musician, Juleah, posted a photo on Twitter with a cryptic tease that she was working on a new cover – a song by Spacemen 3. Let your imaginations run wild for a moment. And now know that her choice is brilliant, if perhaps unexpected. Today […]

Susan Boyle working at Ladbrokes?

Susan Boyle working at Ladbrokes? Born on 1 April 1964 in Blackburn, West Lothian in Scotland to Irish parents, Susan Boyle was the youngest of eight children and grew up in the Scottish mining town.Enduring jibes of ‘Susie Simple’ from bullies at school, she dreamed of being a professional singer, despite not being blessed with […]

We’ve Come A Long Way, Baby

We’ve all heard television commercials say, “Tune in for tonight’s episode of… .” Remember when we actually had to tune our TVs to a certain channel? Those round, numbered dials and the click they’d make going from channel to channel (all 10 of them!)? Maybe I’m going back a little too far for some of you, but […]

Is Ghost Hands by The Music British rock’s greatest swansong?

Ghost Hands is the last song The Music ever released. The Leeds four-piece recorded it for what was meant to be their fourth studio album, but instead it was made a free download on the band’s website in April 2011, just after The Music had announced their split. The Music’s cessation, after 12 years of creating amazing […]

Liam Gallagher Tells Fans Not To Buy Oasis Reissues

Last Thursday, we announced that Oasis will be releasing a remastered edition of Definitely Maybe in honor of its twentieth anniversary. Singer Liam Gallagher has already stirred up controversy in characteristic style. On February 28, Liam urged Oasis fans not to buy the forthcoming reissue of their debut. Throwing grammar and logic to the wind, […]