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David Cameron Gives a G8 Mixtape to Barack Obama

David Cameron Gives a G8 Mixtape to Barack Obama

At last month’s G8 summit in Northern Ireland, Prime Minister David Cameron presented the attending world leaders with mixtapes of popular British musicians. The USB mix was distributed to Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin, and Angela Merkel, among others in attendance at the summit. The ten song playlist was compiled with guidance from the British Phonographic […]

Win Tickets To See Suede At Live By The Lake!

Up to your arse in heat? So annoyed by the never-ending headlines about baby George? Then you must – MUST! – make plans for next month. After all, you know this baby nonsense will be completed by then, right? (The heat? We can only hope, lest we all melt away.) We’ve previously mentioned the appearance […]

Riot Grrrls!

RIOT GRRRLS! If ever there was a time for women to get their rock on, it was Britpop! Men loved them, women wanted to be them and they held their own alongside a genre of some of the greatest male fronted guitar bands. For every Blur there was an Elastica, for every Pulp there was […]

4 Bands You Might Not Know

A lot of bands were bunched together under the “Britpop” label. Inevitably, this meant that some of them didn’t get the exposure that they perhaps deserved. Here are four of the bands that could’ve been huge, but for whatever reason never got the three nights headlining at Wembley that were rightfully theirs: Silver Sun Silver […]

Mock Oasis: Spoofing Britpop on TV 2

Last month, we posted a selection of Britpop spoofs that aired from the mid-90s to the early 2000s on British comedy programs. We revisited the glory of Blur on Rock Profile; Brett Anderson on Shooting Stars, and a Pulp parody on Brass Eye. But, arguably the most mockable band of the era were not represented. […]