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Suede Interview with the Quietus

Suede Interview with the Quietus

Is everyone ridiculously excited about the new Suede album Bloodsports? I know I am. Brett Anderson and Mat Osman sat down with Luke Turner of the Quietus to discuss the new record, the band itself and where Suede fits into the music world in 2013. From the interview: Did you feel that, like with the […]

3 Rainy Day Smiths Songs

Here comes that rainy day feeling again. Morrissey’s sumptuously sorrowful voice is the warm caress one needs on such a sodden day. Here are three Smiths tracks that will perfectly soundtrack a rainy day (or any day you wish were rainy). ‘William, It Was Really Nothing’ A hard downpour is the backdrop for this song […]

Friday Flashback: The Chemical Brothers “Let Forever Be” Video

Noel Gallagher lends his vocals to The Chemical Brothers’ hit song “Let Forever Be.” As if that weren’t enough to pique interest, the video was directed by the award-winning Michel Gondry, who has also worked with Bjork, The White Stripes, and Radiohead. The combination of awesome beats, stellar vocals, and artistic cinematography make this one […]