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Beady Eye Different Gear, Still Speeding album cover

Beady Eye Album Review: Different Gear, Still Speeding

Beady Eye Album Review: Different Gear, Still Speeding

Forever compared to Oasis and Liam’s “best” moment – the “Morning Glory” album – this band and album is content to be placed into either of those categories. Well, kind of. You’ll never be able to shake being Liam and having that voice, but this album evokes a different attempt at the rock formula Oasis […]

Chapterhouse Whirlpool Album Cover

Chapterhouse Album Review: Whirlpool

The great band you never heard of. Released in 1991 the album “Whirlpool” by Chapterhouse towed the line between the Madchester and Shoegaze scenes falling more on the side of The Stone Roses pop sensibilities. Opening with their best song “Breather” your cant help but like the infectious if a bit overused Madchester drums, lead […]

Ride's Carnival of light album cover

Ride Album Review: Carnival Of Light

Known by the band as “Carnival Of Shite” it is something that I don’t quite totally agree with. While the 1994 release of “Carnival of Light” is fairly standard fare for pop rock music, and a departure from what made Ride so great, the album does contain a few gems. It just takes you a […]