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Kula Shaker Day Recap

Kula Shaker Day Recap

On Thursday of this week there and part of our continuing get to know britpop was a Kula Shaker day. If you don’t know Kula Shaker you should by going through these stories. Tell me how you got into Kula Shaker Lets all watch: This Kula Shaker Road Movie Kula Shaker + Prodigy = Narayan If you dont […]


Girls of Britpop Photo Gallery

Lets face the facts that this is a man’s world and was a man’s scene by all measures. Women were the totally under represented ones yet somehow carved out their own little niche and made something damn great. Read more  

Kula Shaker K Album Cover

Lets all watch: This Kula Shaker Road Movie

I guess in 2006 Kula Shaker decided to get together, get high, and make a movie. I’m kidding about being high for effect. Though there does seem to be some kind of weirdness to it which in my world weird = high. I’m kidding AGAIN because there are lots of people who are terribly normal […]

Prodigy fat of the land album cover

Kula Shaker + Prodigy = Narayan

You might have this album by Prodigy called Fat of the land.  Actually, you did. Everyone did. Just like K and just like Morning Glory.  If you didn’t well let me show you this gem that Prodigy did with Crispian Mills of Kula Shaker called Narayan. Enjoy.  

Peter Pan RIP by Kula Shaker

Peter Pan R.I.P. was the first single off of Kula Shaker’s fourth album Pilgram’s Progress released in June 2010. I also believe it was the only single off the album so there’s that too. My brief search revealed not much “press” about it though we all know that doesn’t exactly matter these days. Deconstructing the […]

Lets listen to this new Suede song!

This new Suede song appeared at Lokerse Feesten which is in Belgium on August the 8th. Any guesses on the name of the new song? What do you think about the song itself? Are you a fan? Me personally I’m more a fan of Brett singing out notes/words than I am him croning like he […]