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100 Great Albums Of The 90’s From the UK

We’re running through a list of 100 great albums from bands in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland that came out in the 90’s. Click the numbers below to skip ahead or back. There’s no top album.

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Robbie Williams - I've Been Expecting You

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Jamie Blanchard: Egos aside this album is good. Containing some of Robbie's more bearable songs it's a solid sophomore effort from king ego. I say that lovingly because you either accept it as part of the selling point, or disregard it altogether. Still owing a bit from the boy band structured pop setup the 12 songs are pop radio friendly as they should be. An album that fits an artist finding his way at the age of 24 and thrust into superstardom you either like it or you don't. Top Tracks: No Regrets, Millenium, Jesus In A Camper Van