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100 Great Albums Of The 90’s From the UK

We’re running through a list of 100 great albums from bands in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland that came out in the 90’s. Click the numbers below to skip ahead or back. There’s no top album.

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Denim - Back In Denim

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Lady K: In the '80s, Lawrence enjoyed success with the post-punk outfit Felt. By the '90s, Felt was over so Lawrence came back in Denim. Unlike felt, Denim draws its influence heavily from '70s glam rock. The lyrics are highly satirical - "Here Is My Song For Europe" and "I'm Against the '80s." "Fish and Chips" deserves a place on every mix CD made for a crush. Top Tracks: Middle Of the Road, Back In Denim, Here Is My Song For Europe, Fish and Chips