Pretty Green

Meet The The New Arctic Monkeys Song “Do I Wanna Know”

The Arctic Monkeys played a new song at their Ventura Theater show on May 22, 2013 and here it is. For me this song is definitely a wait and see what it sounds like when the video source is not from an iPhone type of song. With that said if you can’t hear the similarities to “R U Mine” then I’m just not sure we can be friends. I’ve made my line in the sand. Where will you end up? If you answered you can, then we’re cool. If not, then I think there’s this video you need to watch a few 13,000 times.  I’m kidding, of course.


Speculation on the sound of this song, and also ‘R U Mine’, is yet another sign in my book pointing to Alex Turner making a deal with the devil for Johnny Cash’s soul. Not a bad soul to take, but one I’m definitely scratching my head over.  I mean, personally I would have taken someone else’s soul – Gordon Bennett possibly. Or maybe Shaun Ryder before any Black Grape releases.